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Wolves, Wonder and Wordsmiths

Maria Credali

Seven years a wolf - a tale of witchcraft, wonder and wit from the days of King Arthur.

A knight betrayed; can Sir Marrok ever find a way to serve his people again?

Celebrating the resilience of the human spirit in difficult circumstances, this storytelling event explores the love of a father for his son and shows us how life can be not just endured but enjoyed - even in the most difficult of circumstances.

An inspirational story, brimming with beautiful imagery, survival against the odds, and the triumph of good over evil. A sensual delight!

“I was completely and totally mesmerised by Maria’s stories - just magical.”

“She has a voice like velvet and a twinkle in her eye. Maria’s stories have the power to both move as well as entertain. There is a wicked humour too that sparkles through, and you feel better having listened to her tales."

“No props, just words - creating a rich story and transporting us with your words"

Date: Friday 2 February, 2024

Time: 5pm

Venue: Bantock House

Price: £3 (+BF)

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