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Right in the Head? The importance of storytelling after brain trauma

A brain attack (stroke) is often an extremely confounding event that can shatter one’s personality as well as one’s relationship with other people and the world. This is especially true when people’s ability to express themselves is affected. This event centers on Sebastian Groes’ stroke memoir Right in the Head, a book that mixes a personal experience of stroke with a critical investigation of brain trauma in cultural history. The event offers an unique experience that mixes immersive theatre with an exhibition and a treasure hunt that shows how creative activity – and especially storytelling – can help stroke survivors navigate their new internal landscapes as they plot their own route to recovery. Join Groes, Creative Writing for Wellbeing Facilitator Kate Poll and poet and creative writing lecturer Dr Denise Saul (Oxford Brookes) in exploring the importance of creativity in recovery after brain trauma. Participants will be invited to engage in interactive creative writing activities to help us test a unique tool to help the recovery of stroke survivors.

You will be able to do one or more exercises that use creative writing prompts as well as poetic and visual imagery linked to research on the impact on the brain of creative activities.

Date: Sunday 4th February

Time: 3:30pm - 5pm

Venue: Art Gallery

Price: FREE

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