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Musical Metaphors

Emilie Lauren Jones and Mikael Petersson

Experience a delightful evening of classical music seamlessly intertwined with expressive spoken word, showcasing the remarkable talents of international pianist Mikael Petersson alongside Coventry's inaugural Poet Laureate. These words gracefully entwine with enchanting melodies, punctuated by captivating piano solos from a world-renowned virtuoso.

Emilie, celebrated for her evocative imagery, presents poetry that offers a unique perspective on the world. The performance is sprinkled with charming anecdotes, providing interludes between the pieces. This enchanting show boasts original compositions and carefully selected renditions of classical masterpieces, all designed to leave the audience both entertained and brimming with hope.

Date: Sunday 4th February

Time: 5:00pm

Venue: Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Price: £8 (+ BF)

How to book: