Come and meet local author, Aurea Reis, who will be discussing her book ‘Healing Letters’. In her book, Aurea takes you on the emotional roller coaster that enabled her to liberate and free her soul. Nothing was saved; all secrets, hurts and pain that kept her from greatness, for so many years, are put on display. Each chapter served as a therapeutical process in a journey to find her voice, forgiveness, peace of mind and healing. In this book, Aurea aims to create awareness of the fact that we all have different relationships in our lives, with family, friends, and work colleagues; but do we really ‘See’ them? Do they ‘See’ us? Find out more about Aurea’s process and how you too can liberate and free your soul.

About Aurea:

Aurea Wanuza Marques Reis is the author’s full name. Friends and family address her as ‘Wanuza’, but professionally she prefers to be addressed as ‘Aurea.’ Aurea has two previous publications by 'Mo2vate Magazine', in recognition of which she was granted the year-long post of Contributing Article Writer at the same publication. She also collaborated on the anthology ‘Flying without Wings’, which was published on International Women’s Day, 2021. Her name Aurea comes from the old Latin ‘Aurum’ and it means something made of gold, something golden, that shines.

Date: 6 February

Time: 12.30pm

Venue: Wolverhampton Art Gallery Café

Price: Free