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Meet the Author: Love Susan

Susan Vickers

Following on from the immense success of local broadcaster Susan Vickers' debut autobiography Traced, which portrays the struggle of growing up with a dual heritage in a predominantly racist part of the UK.

Susan has written the follow-up book, Love Susan, which talks about how life feels as an adoptee, the struggles, and the lifelong judgments adoptees face.

We have all seen the reunion shows on TV and the happy ever afters they bring. However, sometimes it's not the ‘happy ever after’ we all hope for.

Love Susan is a story about an adoptee and how it feels to be given away as a baby and rescued into a family home. Susan will be giving readings from the book which will leave you asking yourself, is love enough?

Inspired by Susan's journey, local photographer Julia Farrell will be showcasing her work of images depicting what love is.

Date: Saturday 3rd February

Time: 1:30pm

Venue: Central library

Price: Free