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How to get yourself published workshop

Shaun Hand

In this 45-60-minute workshop, I will provide an entry-level overview of publishing methods for aspiring writers of both fiction and non-fiction (including poetry and children’s).

The workshop will be inclusive and open to all, but especially tailored towards writers who are as-yet unpublished and may not have the benefit of a writing network to draw on.

I will draw on my experience as both a local author who has profitably self-published and been published by independent presses, and as an editor who has prevented various writers from making the same mistakes I did at the start. I will cover:

  • What is meant by traditional and self-publishing, and what forms they can take (i.e. printing physical copies, publishing through Amazon, independent publishers, etc.)
  • Which route is best for your book (I will argue that non- and genre fiction can be successfully self-published whereas literary fiction, etc. is still best traditionally published).
  • The importance of editing, proofreading, and never submitting your first draft.
  • Some of the things you’ll need to consider if self-publishing (blurb, disclaimer, ISBN, etc.).
  • How potentially intimidating areas such as formatting can be self-taught.
  • An introduction to the submission process (identifying the right people, reading their submission guidelines, etc.)
  • How you can, or will be expected to, market yourself and your work.
  • How to find your audience - because it likely won’t be friends and family.
  • Tips on handling rejection.
  • Where, if anywhere, the money is (I stress that I will be realistic).

Date: Sunday 4th February

Time: 2:30pm

Venue: Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Price: Pay What you feel

Age Restrictions: 16+

How to book: