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Grandiloquent: A Book for Word Nerds and Just a Simple Ghost Story

Luke Waltho

Hosted by local author Luke Waltho, this session will include readings of both books, an interactive activity celebrating weird, wonderful, and wacky words, a discussion on literature and book genres, and a brief Q&A session. With a duration of approximately 45 minutes, this event aims to celebrate the beauty of literature, words, and storytelling.

Luke Waltho is an author with a passion for storytelling. As a primary school teacher, he understands the importance of fostering a love of reading in young students and developing their language skills.

Luke's writing reflects his dedication to education and his desire to inspire readers of all ages to explore the world of stories. He believes that reading is a powerful tool for expanding vocabulary and promoting learning, and he hopes to encourage readers to develop a lifelong love of literature.

Date: Saturday 3 February, 2024

Time: 10:15am

Venue: Central Library

Price: Free

How to book:

Booking essential. Places can be reserved at venue libraries from Jan. 24 Tel: Wolverhampton Central Childrens library 01902 552023