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Fringe Room for Wolves Lit Fest

Poets, Prattlers, and Pandemonialists, Tina Sederholm, Dan Webber, Rose Condo, Willis the Poet and Ben Moore

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Come and join Poets, Prattlers, and Pandemonialists at the Arena for a diverse array of outstanding performances.

12.30 pm ‘Pass the Poetry Parcel’ – Poets, Prattlers, and Pandemonialists

Join us for an improvised poetry show. Taking a random theme from the audience, one of the Poets, Prattlers, and Pandemonialists step forward to deliver a piece of their poetry that links to this… and then the others follow on, creating a poetry chain of thought. Sometimes members of the audience join in! It’s fast-paced, manic and some of the links are tenuous to say the least but it’s an immense amount of fun for audiences and poets alike.

1.45 pm This Is Not Therapy – written and performed by Tina Sederholm

Aged 55, Tina’s worked out that life’s not all about winning big trophies. But how else do you measure success? Join her as she interrogates Indiana Jones, Douglas Adams, and a Famous Poet to uncover the answer to Life, the Universe and basically Everything in under 55 minutes.

“Stunning” ***** Threeweeks.

“Funny, insightful, tender, Sederholm exceeds expectations and offers an hour of genius storytelling.” *****

3.00 pm Oh Yeah We’ve Grown - written and performed by Dan Webber

Born in the 80s and raised in the 90s, award-winning LGBTQ+ poet Dan Webber explores the things that shape us and the things that make us, from lockdowns to lock-ins, nights out to coming out, fairy tales to cult classics.

"When faced with material as witty, earnest, and well-observed as this, the last thing that should concern us is which box it goes in." - Out In Print 

4.15 pm How to Starve an Artist - written and performed by Rose Condo

Award-winning Canadian poet Rose Condo explores feeding one’s inner artist, whilst preparing and serving sandwiches as she performs. Each audience member is given a ‘Starving Artist Kit’ containing items to help inspire individual creative activity. Originally developed in 2015, Rose has revived the show for a post-pandemic landscape. In a time of increased loneliness, significant mental health challenges, and threatened funding to arts and culture, the show makes space for reflection, playful engagement and creative cultivation.  

Runner Up in ‘Best Spoken Word Show’ category for the Saboteur

5.30 pm There’s Nothing Funny About Comic Poetry – Written and performed by Willis the Poet and Ben Moore

An interactive comic poetry show exposing the rivalry between Willis the Poet, established old school comedy genius and Ben Moore, The Park Bench Poet, young zeitgeisty pretender to the throne, as they go head-to-head to prove to the world who is the funniest comic poet of all time, ever. 

Part mockumentary, part live poetry performance, the audience gets to pick the themes and decide the winner in a poetry slam comic-off, contrasting the rhymes of yesteryear with ground-breaking linguistic innovation. 

Expect irreverence, adult-humour, lashings of larks, ridiculous verbal posturing and a poetry-fight-to-the-death of gladiatorial proportions, to decide who will win the coveted title of The Best Comic Poet in the World! 

Date: Saturday 3 February 2024

Time: Various

Venue: Seminar Room, Arena Theatre

Price: Donations- Pass the Hat

Age Restriction: Fringe shows may contain adult themes and adult language and therefore may only be suitable for 18+