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Fearless - In conversation with Louise Minchin

Louise Minchin

After dedicating over two decades to her role on BBC Breakfast, Louise Minchin observed a striking trend – most of the adventurers she featured were men. This fuelled a desire to shine a brighter spotlight on tales of female stories of courage and endeavour. Join Louise as she takes the stage to recount the compelling stories of these women who are tearing down barriers, setting new records, and defying stereotypes.

'To get to the heart of who these women are... I decided to do it the way that I know best, by taking part, spending time right beside them to experience the things they love.'

Embark on 17 exhilarating adventures, from freediving under the ice in the dark in Finland to cycling across Argentina, with Louise and be introduced to some of 18 fearless women she met along the way. Such as Cath, the first woman to swim a mile in the Antarctic Circle, Mimi, a world-renowned female endurance runner, Anaya and Mitali, two young sisters who had boldly faced the shark-infested waves more than 70 times. Find out about these women remarkable stories, what drives them and how they find the resilience and determination to go on despite life's setbacks.

Through her extraordinary journey, Louise serves as a reminder that bravery resides within all of us, and that celebrating women's accomplishments is essential. Prepare to be deeply moved and inspired by these remarkable and fearless women.

Date: Saturday 3 of February

Time: 12:00pm

Venue: Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Price: £12.50 (+BF)

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