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Join us for a captivating cross-continental journey as poets and artists unite in a creative exploration of our shared world. From the heart of Wolverhampton to the charming town of Lörrach in Germany, these talented visionaries have embarked on a unique expedition.

In a world where climate change is a pressing concern, these artists have woven their passions and fears into their craft. Delve into the depths of their creative souls as they reveal their profound observations, emotions, and expressions.

After an inspiring sojourn in Germany, the artists are ready to take the stage and gallery. Brace yourself for a morning of spoken word that will leave you breathless, and visual art that will speak louder than words. Through their work, they'll unravel the tapestry of climate anxiety and unveil the power of climate activism.

Don't miss the chance to witness art, poetry, and activism converge in a profound display of climate consciousness. Come, be a part of this extraordinary event, and let your imagination soar as we connect through art and raise our voices for a greener, brighter world.

This project is a collaboration between Creative Black Country (England) and Kuturvilla Nellie (Germany) supported by Cultural Bridge a fund to support partnerships between UK and Germany and Volunteer Futures West Midlands.

We thank West Midlands Metro for sponsoring this event.

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Date: Saturday 3rd February

Time: 11:30am

Venue: Arena Theatre

Price: Pay What you Feel

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