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Ameles: Currents of Unmindfulness

Robert Francis

Calling Speculative Fiction enthusiasts. Join writer R. M. Francis, as we celebrate the publication of his collection of short horror stories, Ameles / Currents of Unmindfulness (Poe Girl Publishing, 2023) for this reading, talk and workshop.

In this event, Francis will explore the literary and cultural shifts in horror and weird fiction, and the creative drives that have inspired his work. He’ll share stories from his latest book and run a series of short writing exercises for burgeoning speculative fiction writers.

In Greek Mythology, those who drank from the underworld river, Ameles Potamos, would suffer inexplicable disorientation. They would be left adrift, out of time, out of place, sometimes out of their minds. The tales in Ameles / Currents of Unmindfulness range from the quietly unsettling to weird and full-on horror. R. M. Francis plays around with genre conventions and forms to deliver a flood of dark disturbing imagery that will stay with you in the darkest recesses of your mind.

Date: Saturday 3rd February

Time: 3:00pm

Venue: Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Price: Free

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