The Bucket Blokes of Bilston by Morgan Birch

In Morrisons in Bilston, milling about
Tired and stressed and plagued by doubt
I wasn’t impressed to hear some bloke shout
‘Dave! Dave! Gerraloadabookits!’
He held one up and shook it with a cheerful kind of roar
And Dave gave a grin and they went to grab some more

They quickly scurried round to where the other buckets stood
I’d half a mind to follow and decided that I would
I wanted to discover what was that flippin’ good
What they thought was so fantastic
How a bit of moulded plastic, ordinary but handy
Turned two blokes into kids with candy

And as I watched them gathering the buckets off the shelf
My face started smiling all by itself
There’d been a little upturn in my mental health
In response to their strange elation -
It beat meditation or a scented candle
Dave and his mate got life by the handle

I stood right behind them when they went to pay
And I wish I hadn’t been too flippin’ shy to say
Thanks to those lads for making my day
Their happiness fizzed like wine
I went in miserable and came out fine - like therapy, just for me
Dave and his mate gave it out for free

And I never had a clue what the two were gonna do
With their boatload of buckets in the Morrisons queue
But I reckon there’s a lesson there for me (and maybe you)
From Dave and his nameless mate
Don’t get in a state over negative stuff
Enjoy the little pleasures
cos they are

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