Bulbulhamptan Tuesday Market by Santosh K Dary

I head to Bulbulhamptan Tuesday market,
twirling my trolley bag, moving through crowds.
Checking stalls resting by rugs and carpet,
buy fruit and veg, where it’s weighed in pounds.
My friends Shano, Banti, Preeto they all wait,
at the twin bhai’sstand, fabrics piled in a row.
Colours of rainbow at Tuesday’s bargain rate,
I choose red silk for shalwar kameez to sew.
Finding a bench, we eat chilli paneer pakoras,
sip bottled paani, but prefer sweet masala chai.
Gup chup on our ailments, there’s no cure for us,  
bitch about our bahus, they just don’t even try.

We tut and sigh, roll our eyes and say hai rabba,
Bulbalhamptan market, till next Tuesday subha!


Punjabi Words

bhais - brothers
shalwar kameez - Punjabi suit
paneer pakoras - milk curd fritters in chick pea flour
paani  - water
masala chai  - spicy tea
gup chup - chit chat
bahus - daughter-in-laws
hai rabba - dear god
subha - morning

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