NEW STREET AUTHORS: Andrew Sparke, Lee Benson, Andy Conway, AA Abbott and Martin Tracey


Saturday 27th January - 7pm




New Street Authors is a collection of independent, self-publishing writers based in and around Birmingham, England.  Not all of their work is about Birmingham. But some of it is..


Andrew Sparke

A lawyer and retired local government Chief Executive, Andrew Sparke has reinvented himself as a writer and Indie Publisher. He owns and manages APS Publications, a vehicle for fiction, poetry, food, travel, sport, erotica, music, health and spirituality, publishing other indie authors as well as his own work. “Kindle has revolutionised ePublishing and we’re exploring how far we can use the ease of access to readers it and Amazon provide.”


The first of two novels ‘Abuse, Cocaine and Soft Furnishings’ is available in paperback and the second, ‘Copper Trance & Motorways’, will be published this Spring.  A third novel titled ‘Anger Limerence & Fault Lines’ is in preparation for late 2016.


Lee Benson was the owner of a successful contemporary art gallery in  Birmingham art gallery called Number Nine. Since closing the doors of his gallery he has concentrated on using his creative capabilities. ‘Never too late’ is Lee’s battle cry and he’s exploiting all his talents as a painter in watercolours, as a photographer, as a musician and now as a poet. His first collections ‘Failing To Be Serious’ and ‘Meandering With Intent’ are already available as ‘Jottings and Scribbles’ a complete compilation of his published verse to date. . He is also the author of the Henry Egg books for children. His most recent book is a comedic fictionalisation of his career 'So you want To Own An Art Gallery''.


Twelve of Lee’s Henry Egg stories have been performed on television. The stories were either out of print or new and unpublished until we decided to do new editions.


Lee would also like placed on record that he is the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge, presented to him on the television programme in 1986 by Biddy Baxter.


Andy Conway is a novelist, screenwriter and filmmaker based in Birmingham, UK.


Having belatedly discovered the indie publishing revolution in January 2011, he successfully took up the self-imposed challenge to independently publish 11 titles before 11 November 2011. Eleven books in nine months! He was well aware of the same phenomenon taking place in the world of feature film and has been writing about it in his blog for several years, but he’d very clearly taken his eye off publishing because no one wanted to publish his novels, which is why he thought film would be easier. Oh well.


He now publishes prolifically across a range of genres, the most popular being his Touchstone series of time travel historical novels.


His first feature film, Arjun & Alison, a campus revenge thriller, hit the international film festival circuit in 2012, and had a UK cinema release in 2014. He has also written many other feature film screenplays, some commissioned, some on spec, and has had a few short films produced, including The Secret of Year Six, starring Dexter Fletcher, who said “I was attracted to the production by the quality of the writing… the film is so well written.” (Thanks, Dexter)


His next feature film will be Long Dead Road, another revenge thriller, which is also out as a novel.


When he isn’t writing, he teaches screenwriting at Birmingham City University, and he also runs the Shooting People Screenwriters Network bulletin, which goes out to 11,000 writers worldwide every day.


AA Abbott, also known as Helen, writes crime thrillers set in Birmingham.


Having lived in Harborne for many years, she was tempted south to Bristol for work. “I didn’t realise then that jobs come and go,” she says. “These days, I do temporary work in large corporations and take long breaks to write, getting back to Birmingham as often as I can – it’s where my heart lies.”


Read free tasters of Helen’s writing at 


Martin Tracey is an author who likes to push the boundaries of reality. Even when injecting elements of the supernatural, the terror that grips you is very real. The events that feature in his work could – just could- really happen!


He has a passion for The Beatles & Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. Both music and football/soccer often find their way into his stories.


Martin is a proud Brummie. He lives in Birmingham, UK and is married with 2 daughters.


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