Join musician and BBC broadcaster Cerys Matthews, as she takes us around the world, celebrating her love of food, poetry, and music.

Song-loving cook or food-loving musician? Either way, Cerys Matthews has been experimenting with music and food ever since she can remember. From foraging and chewing on knotweed to cooking flapjacks and nettle soup as a young child, her interest in this planet's edibles has never waned. 

A life of touring guaranteed further culinary exploration: thousand-hole pancakes, amlou, roasted artichokes, vermouth with anchovy-filled green olives, death by chocolate, za'atar sprinkled on fresh tomatoes, hot baked soda bread, pineapple with chilli, crispy sage leaves and vegan haggis are just a few of the recipes she'll be celebrating.

And now, to mark the recent publication of her new book, Where the Wild Cooks Go, she is bringing her culinary learnings and curious aspects of history from around the globe to the Wolverhampton Literature Festival. 

Expect some food demonstrations, a sprinkling of poetry and a song or two from her new folk cook-book Where the Wild Cooks Go.  

Cerys Matthews
will be signing books after the event. 

Performer: Cerys Matthews

Date: Friday 31 January 2020

Time: 7pm – 8pm

Venue: Slade Rooms

Price (inc. booking fee): £17.84

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