In the early 1990s, Mark Badgeman fancied himself as a promoter of live gigs. All he had was youthful bluster, a bucketful of confidence and one telephone number to call. Using a relentless tactic of plaguing people to death, he finally managed to book a gig with Carter USM. The floodgates opened and for several years, the Market Tavern in Kidderminster, became an essential fixture on the small venue circuit. 30 years later, he's curated an incredible collection of memories, photos and merch and self-published a 200 page full colour book that accurately documents the venue's heyday.

Andrew Wolfman is an unpopular British singer, songwriter, artist, journalist, actor, author, comedian, broadcaster, DJ, fashion designer and activist. He is the host of the Wolfmania and West Midlands Hospital Radio podcasts, sings for West Midlands the rock band, runs the Grave Tapes record label and bats at number eight for the Paddington Rabbits Cricket Club. He has got good hair.

Wolfman was the impossibly youthful lead singer of teenage boy band Cake (UK) and picked up the bug for live performance at The Kidderminster Market Tavern. He is surprised that is all he caught.

Regularly championed by BBC 6 Music and famed for withering social critique, The Humdrum Express (singer/songwriter Ian Passey), breezily delivers offbeat observation, social commentary and sharp wit; fused with familiar cultural references, strange characters and subtle puns.

Having cut his teeth gigging at The Market Tavern in the bands Smedley and Jackpot, Ian drifted into the musical wilderness for several years before rediscovering his love for song-writing and performing.

He's recently released his sixth Humdrum Express album and is desperately looking forward to a return to live shows.

"Brilliant observationally... Part of me just wants to stand up and applaud" – Steve Lamacq

Performer: Mark Badgeman, Andrew Wolfman &The Humdrum Express

Date: 13 February 2021

Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm 

Venue: Online   

Price: £3 (+ booking fee)

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