Adam will introduce and lead guided meditations on gratitude from his new book Guide to the Grateful Way of Life. A unique opportunity! Discover how the practice of gratitude can uplift your mind and bring peace and happiness into your life. You will definitely leave with a peaceful smile on your face.

Adam Dacey’s Guide to the Grateful Way of Life offers a series of reflections and guided mindful meditations that will help you develop the uplifted and positive mind of gratitude.

The book offers a self-guided gratitude course with fifty-six different practices that you can use each day over eight weeks, enabling you to naturally and organically seize every moment of your precious human life. Through following the daily practices as presented in the text, you will come to enjoy the stable mental attitude of gratitude throughout the day and night.

Performer: Adam Dacey

Date: Sunday 2 February 2020

Time: 3.30pm – 4:30pm

Venue: Wolverhampton Art Gallery – Gathering Space

Price: £10 or £20 with a copy of the book

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